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Shropshire lead mines

Mining History Feature

Shropshire Lead Mining area map Miners' Arms Hotel Snailbeach Feature East Roman Gravels mine Roman Gravels mine Tankerville mine Ladywell engine house Bog mine Miner's Arms Inn The Grit Mines Ramsden Shaft Old Miners Arms, Priest Weston South Shropshire lead mining district

The most famous of the lead mines of the Stiperstones in the English midlands county of Shropshire is Snailbeach, which has its own site feature page.

There are a lot of other sites of interest in this region, which was once one of Britain's major lead mining areas. You can explore it by clicking on the map or using the links below:

All the pictures used on the web pages are taken from our archives.

There are several books and publications dealing with this fascinating area, available from the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club.


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