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K.F. Knitwear manufacturers

Textiles, Compilation No.22

Mrs Pitcher's hand held narrowing combBackground

K.F.Knitwear is a small firm based in a modern industrial unit in Guildford, producing cricket sweaters for most British cricket clubs. Cable stitch patterns are produced by means of a three-pronged narrowing comb, the method which was devised by Mrs. Pitchers of Godalming in the 1890s.

Old knitting workshop in GodalmingOld Knitting Workshops of Godalming
In Godalming, there are the remains of many old factories and workshops of the once thriving knitting industry.

The second part of this recording shows a brief tour of the town featuring some of these buildings.

Knitting cricket sweaters


  • This compilation has no commentary.
  • NGR: (186) TQ 002 521 etc.
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  • Running Time: 24 mins.
  • Recorded 1990
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