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The Industrial Archaeology
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Welcome to the Industrial Archaeology & Industrial History Web Ring

A collection of web sites of interest to industrial archaeologists and industrial historians. Anyone with suitable web content is welcome to join the ring.

For example, sites eligible to join would be those relating to the history of:

  • wind and water power
  • steam and internal combustion engines
  • coal and metal mining
  • the iron and steel industry
  • engineering
  • textiles
  • the stone, clay and glass industries
  • public utilities
  • roads and bridges
  • rivers and canals
  • railways
  • ports and shipping
  • the chemical industry
  • rural industries

How does a web ring work?

Links on each participating page allow you to move from one web site to another in the "ring". When a visitor to a ring web site selects the "List" option, a list of all ring member sites is generated along with a brief description. Selecting "Next" will take the visitor to the next member site.

Interested in Joining the Ring?

Industrial Ring Cycle

Step 1

Click the 'Submit' button below to be taken to the "WebRing" submission page.

Step 2

When you get to the 'submission' page you will be asked to log-in

  1. If you are already a member of another WebRing you can use your WebRing ID from that ring to log-in, then add the "Industrial Archaeology and History Web Ring" to your site details.
  2. If you are not already a member you will need to create a 'WebRing ID' - you will be asked a number of questions about your site, for example:
    •   Name of your web site
    •   A brief description of it
    •   Some keywords
    •   Your E-mail address
    •   A password and associated 'memory jogger' for it

    Other than your e-mail address and web site details you do not need to submit any other personal information to the WebRing people, and you certainly do not need to pay.

    Once you have created your 'WebRing ID' you can then continue with the process of submitting your site to the I.A. webring - just follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: The WebRing people will give you some code to add to your main web page. After you have added the code to your web page, and your site has been checked and approved by the ringmaster, you will be sent an e-mail welcoming you to the ring and your site will be added to the active rotation of the Industrial Archaeology and History Web Ring.

(Please do other ring members a favour by placing the code on the same page as the Site URL which you register with the ring.)

Submit site to the Industrial Archaeology and History Web Ring



Remember: Submission of the above information adds your site to the Industrial Archaeology and History Web Ring queue but does not place your site into the ring immediately. After you have added the code to your web page, the ringmaster will check your site to see that it works before including your web site in the Industrial Archaeology and History Web Ring.

If you have any questions (or complaints!) then please contact Kelvin Lake (the Ring Master) via:

(To stop 'spam', this address must be typed in manually!)


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