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Short Clips from the Archive

Short Clips from the Archive

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Over the years we have recorded a wide range of interesting crafts, industries and activities. Some are released as Productions or Compilations, but these are but the tip of the archive. We have a number of fascinating recordings that are relatively short but deserve a wider audience, so we decided to release them online as short two-minute "Snippets from the archive". We hope you will find them interesting.

Snippet 1: Riveting Boiler

In 2010 the Aveling & Porter 10 ton "BS" model steam roller dating from 1914 needed some refurbishment work. Part of the work undertaken by owner Ian Cooper was to replace the boiler barrel with a new one.

We were lucky to be able to go along and record some of the hot riveting during the fitting of the new boiler barrel to the firebox. To complete the restoration over 150 rivets had to be fitted to attach the boiler barrel, tubeplate, cylinder saddle, the boss for the injector check valve and the strengthening plate around the manhole!

Recorded 2010, 1920 x 1080 16:9 HD

Snippet 2: Casting a Lead Ingot

Following research by members of the Shropshire Mines Trust a project was devised to cast a reproduction Roman lead ingot based on the dimensions and weights of Roman ingots found in Shropshire over the years.

Recorded 2003, 720 x 576 4:3 SD

Ingot details:

118mm x 550mm x 175mm (4.6 x 21.6 x 6.9 inches)
Weight: 190lb (86kg)

Inscribed: "IMP HADRIANI AVG."
Emperor Hadrian (Reigned 10 August 117 – 10 July 138)

Snippet 3: Filling a coal mine from inside a house!

What do you do when your house is suffering from mining subsidence due to shallow coal workings and the drilling team can't reach them?

Answer: Simply bring the drilling rig into the hall, then drill and grout the workings from there!

Recorded 1991, 690 x 570 4:3 SD

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