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MineCam & Borg


the MineCam mark 4 MineCam is a high-quality miniature colour video camera and light, mounted on a remote controlled pan & tilt head, which can be lowered 200m into underground cavities such as wells and mineshafts to allow remote exploration. First used in 1988, MineCam is currently in its mark 5.9 version (soon to be upgraded to Mark 6).

The video output is recorded digitally at the surface and contains compass heading, depth and range information.

Whilst recording, viewers on the surface wearing special 'video glasses' can benefit from a live 3-D stereoscopic 'telepresence' experience of the underground space!

A microphone beside the camera picks-up underground sounds, and there are channels for bat detection and dangerous gas warnings.

MineCam is used briefly in "Snailbeach" and several of our archive recordings. Full MineCam shaft exploration recordings can be found on the Compilations page.


the Borg Developed in 1992, Borg is a high-quality miniature colour video camera and light, mounted on a Petzl caving helmet, which allows "hands-free" recording of underground exploration.

The video output is recorded on a miniature DV recorder in a backpack. The kit includes a 50W light and 90 minute battery, helmet mounted electronic viewfinder and a waterproof remote control for the recorder. Borg is currently in its mark 2 version.

Everything is ruggedised to withstand the harsh underground environment so it is easy to record whilst abseiling, prussiking, crawling through narrow passages or wading along flooded tunnels.

Borg material is used extensively in the DVD Production 'Mongst Mines and Mine Explorers, where it gives the viewer the feeling that they are exploring underground themselves - "virtual caving" indeed!

Times Change

Since we developed the Borg the world has caught up with us and now seemingly everyone including their cat has an 'action cam' recording their every move!

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