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Industrial Archaeology - the recording of old crafts and trades, and industrial activity Welcome
I.A.Recordings is a small group of volunteers documenting past and present industrial activity using high definition video and photography.

If possible, we'll record people and processes while they're still working - moving pictures are vital for that, but they also add an extra dimension to industrial remains and the techniques used in old crafts and trades.

To find out more about I.A.Recordings, and our industrial history material visit the "About Us" page.

Things to Look into
Things to look into
The Sales page gives details about all our currently available video material. All Sales go towards funding more recording work of old crafts and trades.

The Features pages provide details about some of the astonishing industrial sites and processes that we have recorded over the past 30 years.

The Search page should find anything on our website.

Warehouse at Work, part of the Sight Seen Partnership DVD Series - NOW available. Also available here

Sight Seen Partnership DVDs

A range of five fascinating titles produced by I.A.Recordings for a group of inland waterway enthusiasts drawn from British Waterways, volunteers, boating societies and museums.

Sight Seen Partnerships preserve and record inland waterways skills and techniques whilst the memories of those who actually worked on the boats are still fresh enough to guide the efforts of those taking part.

DVD and Blu-ray discs

DVD and Blu-ray
Some of the best historical material from the I.A.Recordings archives is available on DVD and Blu-ray™.

An alphabetical listing of our Industrial Archaeology video archive contents is on the A to Z ArchiveIndex.

If you are interested in buying any of our DVDs, please visit the Sales page and look at our Productions, Compilations, Co-productions and the Sight Seen Partnerships titles.

Independent Reviews of many of our Industrial Archaeology titles are available.

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